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It's high light requirements, however, can make it difficult to rebloom in the home.

Fortunately, these plants are relatively forgiving and can be grown in general orchid mixes or a combination of orchid mix and soilless potting mix for general potted plants. In this article, you will learn about some of the most popular orchids to grow indoors. Photo Source: They do not need the same amount of roots because they are able to store water for when they need it.
One identification feature of these orchids it that many of them have delightful fragrance. This will help make it easier for you to make sure that you give your orchids the right growing conditions. They  form clumps of crowded stem like pseudobulbs with pleated leaves and colorful flowers.

Often large, hairy and unruly, the Cymbidium orchid delights with tall spikes loaded with flowers.
Use our orchid guide to find 20 types ranging from dendrobium orchids to more exotic varieties. The Cymbidium orchid has much smaller pseudobulbs that are topped with long thin leaves that gently drape to form an attractive foliage plant. Cattleyas are often used in corsages. Yellows, reds, greens, they are all a wonderful addition to any collection. Generally, the waxy petals are single-colored with very little or no patterns.

Dendrobium orchids are another popular type of houseplant that is easy to care for. We think that orchids are some of the most beautiful flowers out there. These orchids often have very striking and unusual flowers as a result of creative man-made combinations.Intergeneric orchid care and background can be generalized as similar to Oncidiums. Phals are easily grown in the home and stay in bloom for a very long time. These exotic orchids are eye-catching with the pretty blossoms, long light-green leaves, and pale green roots dangling from the basket. The "lady of the night" orchid, so named for its delightful fragrance in the evening is a wonderful addition to any orchid collection. One of the identifying features of ‘paphs’ is their one large oval petal and 2 elongated petals. Their large cup-like lip is another way to identify these orchids. (I bought my Dovo razor here). They must have abundant light and definite dry periods between waterings. Seen here after a summer burn which stimulate thier growth.

Cattleya orchids are usually repotted when they have finished blooming and a new pseudobulb is just starting to grow. Most orchids are Epiphytic, IE they grow on trees or in some cases rock surfaces. They prefer damp, humid conditions which reflect their natural environment, and they like to be grown in partial shade. The most important thing to think about if you want to keep ground orchids in your garden is to chose the right species. In colder climates this orchid enjoys summers outside and should come indoors before night temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

Terrestrial orchids with pseudobulbs generally prefer a well drained soil with a lot of organic matter. Their graceful sprays of flowers are a welcome break during winter's grey days. They are terrestrial orchids that grow on the forest floor. Our posts may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. Terrestrial orchids can be found in all climates. They use their roots to attach themselves to a tree or a rock. Many of these orchids live along the splash zone of streams in nature. When the sun goes down, the fragrance emerges to fill the entire room. Even though the flowers grow on short stalks, some varieties have very large showy flowers. Orchids are among some of the most beautiful and delicate flowers you can grow. Also called the ‘Butterfly orchid,’ these delightful orchid varieties have dainty blooms hanging off tall spikes. Very often, the labellum (the “lip” part of the orchid flower) is a contrasting color, which just adds to its beauty. Refrain from watering until potting mix is dry half way through. The stunning flowers of Zygopetalum crinitum orchid have various patterns and colors. With that said. Photo Source: The triangular flower of Lycaste dowiana orchid is quite large and waxy .

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