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For PC, you also have the option of DisplayPort 1.4. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. If you. The only PC monitor I'd use for console is the Asus PG37UQ, which is 4K/144/HDR10. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 144hz will have a far greater impact on gaming then 4k. Yeah, if you were saying PC I would have said 1440p since DLSS is going to be a game-changer as it continues to be implemented in more games, but with a console I'd definitely go 4K/60. Between the choices 4K/60, but the real answer is to hold off for HDMI 2.1 4K monitors. I don't expect frame rates to stay very high after a couple years, so I'm going with 4k 60hz. Receive news and offers from our other brands? 144hz will blow your fucking mind. Again, we’re expecting to see both of these screens early next year and indeed a number of similar models from other brands, the arrival of which should make for a competitive market place and hopefully lower pricing. While gaming at 120 fps or higher is great (fps > resolution), the number of console games supporting framerates higher than 60 fps will most likely be very limited. Well, it's unlikely either console will be outputting anything close to 144hz, indeed I'd guess 60hz will be a rarity, so 4k/60 seems the sensible option. However, the arrival of the Xbox Series X and Sony PS5, complete with support for 4K and 120Hz refresh, is driving the introduction of a new wave of 32-inch 4K monitors with high refresh support. They're pretty cheap. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, No contest. Guys now that we are closer to the release of ps5. You said it was for consoles. Most console games besides indies and BC games won't be higher than 60fps, so I'd go with the 4k monitor. I can't really go back to fixed refresh rate monitors. But at those frames is your monitor only 1080p? for consoles? Between the choices 4K/60, but the real answer is to hold off for HDMI 2.1 4K monitors. I think 60 is a good sweet spot for me atleast. So 4k. If you were on PC then I'd definitely say 1440/144hz. That’s a very exciting combination. Consoles never get 144hz, so it is a huge waste. 4K will likely be supported much more than frame rates over 60. You can use a high frame monitor but the game will run at whatever frames the game is locked to, even if your monitor can run 144hz it will not make the game run smoother , but yes it will work on the PS5. That the poll is this close makes me question whether people even read the OP. Do we even know if PS5 supports 1440p yet? You could just google hdmi to display Port cable. Gaming on a 1440p monitor with 120 fps is glorious. I know that there will be some higher fps support for both consoles but I would still expect 60 (and even 30) to be the most common fps targets. The one that will be supported by the majority of games rather than a minor handful. Best CPU for gaming: the top chips from Intel and AMD If you are planning to get Xbox Series X, which does support 1440p resolution, do check our list of best gaming monitors for Xbox Series X. If that’s the case I would much rather look at a 4K 65 inch tv since next gen consoles will be aiming for that either 60 or 120hz and HDR with HDMI 2.1 for the variable refresh rate. If a game is locked to 60fps then it will run at 60fps regardless of hz on your monitor. the 4k 60hz duh. You are not gonna find a use to your 144hz very often on console. 4k60hz no doubt about it. I would really love to know if a hdmi 2.1 to DP converter will work for running 120hz on ps5... anybody’s help is appreciated. Monitors from Viewsonic, Acer, and Philips are among a new generation of displays to bring 4K high refresh to the 32-inch form factor. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Zen 3 is sold out everywhere but AMD’s Frank Azor says it was not a paper launch, Acer's new Predator XB323QK packs 4K and 144Hz from a 32-inch IPS panel, The Philips Momentum 328M1R is aimed squarely at console but could make a great PC monitor, too, Viewsonic's Elite XG320U combines a 32-inch IPS panel with 144Hz refresh, 4K and DispplayHDR 600. It's due out early next year with an anticipated price of €599, likely to translate into similar figures in $ and £. Granted, these aren't going to be properly cheap monitors, but they should push pricing below what we've seen for similar 27-inch screens. 60hz. There was a problem. Way more games will be 4k than 120hz. With none of these screens available to buy quite yet, some of the details remain sketchy. Otherwise, I would stick to a 4K TV. You will regardless be locked to the in-game fps that the game is locked to. We’ll kick off with the Philips Momentum 328M1R because that’s the screen with the clearest indication of pricing. So 4k 60 fps monitor might be a safer choice, unless you also have a PC to use with this monitor. (About £11). Best SSD for gaming: get into the game ahead of the rest. So we’re expecting the consoles to drive lower prices generally, starting with these 32-inch beasts. Wait wait wait... the people here saying that the consoles can't do 144Hz: I'd bet a good chunk of money that this would only require a firmware/software update and both consoles would have no problem putting out 144Hz hardware-wise. I'm afraid Freesync support is extremely unlikely. Most games will still be 30 or 60. The lack of options on consoles makes a 144hz monitor pointless IMO. These are my current monitors. Get the 144hz one, the PS5 will probably force 120Hz on that monitor, I would however wait if possible for more information from Sony, specially because that monitor probably has a HDMI 1.4 port and we don't know if the PS5 … Until recently, the high-refresh 4K monitor market was populated largely by 27-inch models, such as the LG UltraGear 27GN950. So far, prices have tended to be pretty painful, especially given the relatively modest overall proportions of a 27-inch monitor. But both are expected to support HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4, so offer full flexibility when it comes to PC or console connectivity. JavaScript is disabled. That’s not always the case, as the Samsung G7 proves. We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. Unless you’re going to play a lot of last gen MP games that might get 120 hz versions, get the 4k60 no contest. For XBOX a 1440p120 capable monitor is a no brainer. It runs a native 4K resolution and tops out at 120Hz. You must log in or register to reply here. Visit our corporate site. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Some 4k60hz monitors can also do 1440p120hz, so i think that would be the best option. It's just that basically only indie games would use it and even then, without a mouse and zero pointer acceleration, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between 120Hz and 144Hz. That said, it’s the console connection that has slowed the arrival of these screens and indeed pushed their retail availability out to early next year. Because you’re on console then 4k/60 but 1440p 144hz is much better, it’s just that consoles won’t get the most out of it because Sony won’t support 1440p and both won’t have many 120 FPS games long term. Which of these two should I be using for the PS5? The one possible snag? Hold off for HDMI 2.1 (and hopefully better HDR support too). 4k60 no doubt because games will regularly support that. Best graphics card: your perfect pixel-pusher awaits If you are in hurry or confused about PS5 Gaming Monitor… But a DisplayPort 1.4 socket is also included, which widens the range of compatible GPUs for running at 4K and 120Hz. Never going back to 60hz gaming. The Xbox Series X and PS5 are breeding a new wave of affordable 32-inch 4K 144Hz gaming monitors By Jeremy Laird 10 November 2020 Next gen consoles set to drive 4K high refresh pricing … The really exciting bit is that the new models, including the Philips Momentum 328M1R, Acer Predator XB323QK, and Viewsonic Elite XG320U, are expected to be very competitively priced compared to existing 27-inch 4K high refresh monitors. That more limited HDR support should translate into lower pricing, however, so the Acer may turn out to be the pick of this trio. ResetEra Games of the Decade Awards (2010-2019). Be careful if you are planning on getting a PS5 since 1440p support is still not confirmed. What’s more, because the console gaming market is generally less lofty when it comes to pricing than gaming PCs, we’re expecting these screens to be relatively affordable. i cant speak to 144hz but 60 vs 120. yes there is a difference but its no where near the jump 30 to 60 is. But as is often the case, the PC looks likely to benefit from the arrival of a new generation of consoles. The new consoles don't even support 144FPS in games, and the vast majority won't be 120FPS either. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Next gen consoles set to drive 4K high refresh pricing down. New York, 4K/60hz easily, a TV would be preferable tho. With the consoles themselves coming in around the $500 / £500, spending double that on a 4K monitor won’t be a goer for most gamers. Display Port does not help you with consoles. It runs a VA panel, which can be problematical when it comes to pixel response. So yea, go for the 4k/60hz monitor. It’s VA but very quick indeed. Yeah for consoles on a 60+" 4K TV 6-10 feet away, go 4K/60. We now know many games will run at 120fps. £1,000 / $1,000 for a 27-inch monitor, even a really nice one, is hard to stomach. I'd normally recommend 1440p/60, but as far as PS5 is concerned, we don't even know if 1440p will be supported.

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