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It is always best to trust a Licensed Master Plumber to investigate and resolve plumbing issues like these. Compacting of backfill material shall be required for all main lines and laterals as shown on the attached plate. 206-1.02 Flange Fitting: All cast-iron flanged fittings shall conform to "AWWA C110.". The control shall start the pump upon receiving a signal from the action of a user of a fixture or appliance, sensing the presence of a user of a fixture, or sensing the flow of hot or, The control shall limit the temperature of the, Applicable where walls or obstructions are spaced from the nearest inside-edge of the spout opening a distance greater than three times the diameter of the, Where systems are installed as a portion of the. Each length of pipe shall be marked with the applicable ASTM, DR, cell classification, nominal pipe size and manufacturer's name or trade mark. The combined capacity of the source and storage in an individual water supply system shall supply the fixtures with water at rates and pressures as required by this chapter. Let an expert size your water service line. 201-2.04 In no event will the use of other than new and unused materials be permitted unless specifically approved by the Environmental Health Services Department and the Director. 205-3.05 Fire Hydrants shall be installed with a maximum spacing between hydrants as indicated in Table No. Water service pipe or tubing, installed underground and outside of the structure, shall have a working pressure rating of not less than 160 psi (1100 kPa) at 73.4°F (23°C). Care shall be exercised in placing haunching material to prevent damage to or displacement of, the water pipe. 189 0 obj <>stream The International Residential Code includes regulations for building one- and two-family residents, including plumbing and sewer issues. Upon completion of a section of or the entire, Where a thermostatic mixing valve is used in a system with a, Devices, appurtenances, appliances and apparatus intended to serve some special function, such as sterilization, distillation, processing, cooling, or storage of ice or foods, and that connect to the, Chemicals and other substances that produce either toxic conditions, taste, odor or discoloration in a. Nonpotable distribution piping shall be purple in color and shall be embossed, or integrally stamped or marked, with the words: "CAUTION: The color of the pipe identification shall be discernable and consistent throughout the building. A potable ground water source or pump suction line shall not be located closer to potential sources of contamination than the distances shown in Table 608.17.1. Among the chief reason is that a plumbing fixture typically gets used much more frequently in a commercial space. 205-3.03 All water mains serving hydrants shall have a minimum nominal diameter of six inches (6"). Threads shall conform to ASME B1.20.1. All Service clamps and straps shall be in accordance with AWWA Standards and the pipe manufacturer's recommendations. Unpack the code through illustrations and descriptions. %%EOF Leverage the full code compliance platform. gravels containing small percentages of fines, generally granular and non-cohesive, either wet or dry. Code calculators automatically generate a detailed list of requirements. All other valves installed in locations that are not adjacent to the fixture or appliance shall be identified, indicating the fixture or appliance served. A certificate of compliance from the pipe manufacturer shall be provided for each type of material used. Frequently they do not involve the water supply line size, but other issues are the cause. Residential water pressure tends to range between 45 and 80 psi (pounds per square inch). Water main minimum nominal diameter shall be six (6) inches. Bends shall be prohibited within 10 pipe diameters of any fitting or valve. BUILDING INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS A plumbing permit is required to replace residential water supply piping (main water line from meter to the house), distribution pipes (plumbing within the building), and the sewer system within the building. The water line size is vital to providing adequate volume of water to the occupants of a building. What does all this mean to the average property owner? On the other hand a 1″ line only provides 9 gallons per minute. Plumbing fixture count: A calculation using all of the plumbing fixtures in a building. 202-3.01 Plate W-5 "Water Supply Requirements Chart," shall be used in computing the peak hourly residential flow. All 1-1/2 inch through 3 inch gate valves shall be all bronze and comply with "AWWA C500" and ASTM standards. All valves shall be designed for a minimum of 150 PSI operating pressure. For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 square inch = 645 mm2. ASTM F1974; ASTM F1281; ASTM F1282; CSA B137.9; ASTM D2464; ASTM D2466; ASTM D2467; CSA B137.2; ASTM A312; ASTM A778; ASTM F1476; ASTM F1548. Polyethylene pipe shall be cut square, with a cutter designed for plastic pipe. PVC pipe with noticeable color changes resulting from exposure to ultraviolet light shall be rejected by the Engineer. All facilities of the water system shall be designed and constructed to provide adequate size and capacity from the source facilities and storage to meet the flow requirements. Where pressure piping systems are rehabilitated using an epoxy lining system, such lining system shall comply with ASTM F2831. Purpose: This document clarifies the water supply requirements for building standpipe system zones serving floors higher than 300 feet above the lowest level of Fire Department vehicle access. 204-1.03 Bronze for interior of Gate Valves shall be Grade 1 and shall conform to current ASTM and State Standards. thread, and outlet for the type of service pipe used in accordance with AWWA C800. 201-4.02 WATER PURVEYORS: The water system shall be owned and operated by a public utility, a mutual water company, or a governmental body. Here are some of his insights concerning water pressure and sizing issues. 201-4.03 TRADE NAMES: Where trade names are used in these minimum standards, it shall be understood that other materials may be substituted provided they are equal in quality and meet with the approval of the Engineer and the Purveyor's Engineer. 201-4 Definitions, Terms, and Abbreviations. endstream endobj 147 0 obj <. Prior to placement and compaction of initial backfill, the Engineer shall inspect the placement of the water main and laterals, haunching and compaction. 207-3.02 All 1-1/2 inch and larger water service connections may also use seamless red brass pipe conforming to (ASTM B 43), or copper pipe conforming to (ASTM B 42).

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