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Once your hostas are planted, maintenance is the easy part. How to grow hostas – dividing and replanting a hosta plant. Jun 11, 2014 - Mariah and Steve dig up, split and replant a hosta perennial. To dig a hosta for transplanting, if you’re working in early spring, simply dig as much of the rootball as possible. It’s produced a host of sports and varieties, including Hosta sieboldiana ‘Elegans,’ which also goes by the name of Hosta ‘Elegans.’ Hosta sieboldiana is behind many of the common hostas. Video. Good video. We’ve picked 15 gorgeous hostas to grow, below. Richard Proctor of Sue Proctor Plants gives his three golden rules when growing hostas, in this video guide: How to propagate hostas. How to Divide Hosta. Use a sharp knife to cut the roots of the plant into sections. Feb 28, 2013 - Lets remove the mystery behind hostas. If you are new at dividing hostas or other perennials, washing the dirt off the clump can be very helpful to see the individual plants and their rhizomes (from where the roots grow). Step up the wow factor in your yard by adding Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’ — one of the original biggies in the world of hostas. Immediately after transplanting into the soil give the young hosta plants a thorough soaking. 1. Fall and spring are the best times to transplant hostas. They position it over the crown and apply enough pressure to cut through the roots. Hostas make a great cover for the tulips as they die back in the late spring. Jul 30, 2013 - Hosta Video tutorials, how to's, walkthroughs, testimonials, and lots of information about HostasDirect products and Services . is a perennial that adds interest to the landscape with its big, distinctive leaves. Furthermore, you can divide hosta bulbs by using a sharp-edged shovel to dig up the entire clump of the mature plant from the ground. What happened next, though, is a testament to this hostas’s staying power. Maybe you’re moving plants because they’re not in ideal growing conditions and looking a little less than picture-perfect. When moving or dividing hostas you will want to do it just as you see new growth showing in the early spring. Dig up the entire root ball. Late summer and early fall as the temperatures cool is a great time to dig, divide and transplant overgrown hostas. Transplanting and Dividing Hostas. Looking at how small you cut those hostas , I guess I can cut more pieces from the plants I have. Hostas are easy to grow shade tolerant plants. Why do you split hostas? Although hostas are typically not disease-prone, slugs are a difficulty you may face. It was introduced in the 1970s and formally registered with the American Hosta Society in 1986. How I Transplant Hosta Plants Video. Care after transplanting divided hostas: Transplant the separated hosta plants deep enough into the soil that the roots are covered. Hostas that have brown leaf margins or odd color spots on leaves are candidates for moving. Richard talks about the best time of year to transplant hostas, the tools to use and the soil and type of compost he uses at New Hampshire Hostas. These new babies will be planted this Autumn in the landscape strategically with tulips. It quickly replaced the go-to hosta variety of that era, Hosta ‘Undulata Albomarginata.’ When and How to Divide and Transplant Hostas - Rocky Hedge Farm. Moving them in the fall or early spring would be best. A healthy hosta plant can produce a large cluster of other hostas in a tight bunch. Hosta Spartacus. This video will show you how easy it is to transplant a Hosta plant into your garden. Hostas have a clumping root system, so to divide a plant, simply cut through the clump with a knife from the crown down. With so many types, it’s possible to create a bright and unusual display of contrasting foliage. Water hostas frequently—they thrive on moisture and humid climates. Play Video. Gardeners find some very creative ways to get a job done. Use a sharp knife to cut the roots of the plant into sections. This is also a good time to move or transplant a hosta to a new site. Start by digging around the plant edges, a few inches from the plant. How to Successfully Transplant Hostas in the Yard. I usually divide my hostas in 6 parts as they are huge. Late summer and early fall as the temperatures cool is a great time to dig, divide and transplant overgrown hostas. Most plants can easily be moved in the early spring just as they are breaking dormancy but will probably die if they are moved in the summer. Make sure never to let them dry out during this time. Some are like 36′ wide or bigger. Spring is the best time to transplant or divide your hostas because cooler temperatures are easier on new transplants. Transplanting Basics. There are two ideal times to divide your hosta: Spring and Fall. The reasons are simple: There is reduced demand by the foliage for water. It’s got one badly damaged leaf on the bottom left that should be removed, but the other leaves still look happy and healthy! When To Divide Hostas. Twitter Google+. Also wash the plant if you are unsure of how the individual plants are growing and you don't want to slice one in half (particularly if the hosta is a slow-growing expensive one). Plant the new hostas at the same soil level as they were previously. Here’s a hosta during the first week of September. — Wanting a change. They position it over the crown and apply enough pressure to cut through the roots. How to Transplant & Garden a Hosta. Whenever you divide or transplant any plant you must remember that timing is absolutely vital. This year I cut them back during the last week of October (after the first freeze). Push the shovel all … What to Expect When You Transplant Hostas. Find out why planting your hosta plants now gives them a head start in the Spring and how to avoid frost heaving. Adding mulch around the transplants will help the roots retain water. They can be successfully transplanted in the summer as well, but they usually do better when the temperatures are cooler. If you’d like to divide the bunch either to care for your plants or to make use of them elsewhere, you’ll need to follow a simple set of steps. It is best to divide hostas in spring or fall as this is when they retain the most moisture. How to Transplant a Hosta . Here is the easiest, fastest way to thin and separate overgrown hostas while propagating new plants to grow or share. Dividing Hostas. These plants are known for being easy to transplant so don’t be scared! Dig the new hole wider and deeper than the old. They grow quickly and are easy to divide. When I got the plants we dug up home I divided them and repotted them in containers for the summer. How to Transplant Hostas Before transplanting hostas, it’s best to prepare their new home. In the timeline of hostas, Hosta ‘Francee’ is a relative newcomer to the scene. Hosta sieboldiana is a common hosta that’s found in many gardens. Start hosta plant division by digging up the entire root clump. Several have told me using a bulb planter worked for them. Leave as much of the root attached as possible to each crown or plant. Learn when and how to divide and transplant Hostas with this simple guide. Facebook Comment MORE. When can you split hostas? Hostas will bulk up quickly, if given the right growing conditions. In our Fall Planting video horticulture expert Richard Merritt talks about the effects of soil temperature on planting, what steps you need to take and what pitfalls to avoid.

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