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Innovation meets the outdoors with Pit Boss' all new Vertical Pellet Smoker Series. It measures 20.5 x 22 x 47 inches and weighs 66.5 … Pit Boss 7 Series 2059-sq in Copper Pellet Smoker. MODEL : PBV7P1 ... 5. It has an LED read-out for your convenient viewing and temperature monitoring. The double walled insulation lets you smoke from 100°F to temperatures … COPPERHEAD WOOD PELLET VERTICAL SMOKER (7-SERIES) SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! Large window with external heat indicator to monitor food without opening the door. Never before has smoking been this versatile. Yes there are temp swings but it had no effect on the … Item #2128091 Model #PBV7P1. Pit Boss … You can control this Pit Boss smoker temperature digitally with the push-button digital control panel. Good Morning - So I bought the Copperhead 5 last week and had a chance to do some ribs in on Sunday. Overall I'm pleased with this unit. Ten temperature presets, start-up … The Pit Boss PBV3D1 3 Series Vertical Electric Wood Smoker brings innovation to your backyard smoking. MANUAL MUST BE READ BEFORE OPERATING! Jeff, I just purchased the Pit Boss Copperhead 3 (smaller version of your 7), and I encountered 2 issues my first ever smoke on the unit. Wild temp fluctuations ranged 180-325 while set at 225 (75 degrees outside; smoker in shade, vent 1/8th open) throughout the 7 …

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