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Performance side, this keyboard gamer is not left out! High-End Scissor Switch design provides a better tactile response and comfortable and whisper quiet typing experience. This is why you will particularly like the fact that this keyboard is wireless. Accessible and powerful, the Logitech G413 invites itself into our selection of the best silent mechanical keyboards of the moment. The keyboard he used before was particularly noisy and I was determined that he could continue playing without disturbing anyone at home. Setup with any Apple iOS device is instantaneous, and the battery is rechargeable for convenience. In terms of design, elegance is the order of the day, while the backlighting offers a customization to perfection. The Amazon basics keyboard has low-profile keys that allow you to have the most quiet typing possible. Once the keyboard is connected, no other configuration is needed for Windows. Cool feature – illumination on the keyboard. This means that as long as there is light, the keyboard will charge all the time. Available in 2 versions, with the Silver model on the one hand, with a brushed aluminum metal finish with white backlight, and the Carbon version on the other hand, which immediately gives a high appearance range keyboard and the red backlight that sublimates everything! Therefore, if you really need to not make noise while typing, or while you work, it is one of the best buying options you can find in the market. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Last update on 2020-09-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. The keys of the keyboard are discreet and silent, which allows you to … Give You a View of Inside | Live a Better Life. Finding a good keyboard can be quite complicated, especially if you do not have a place to look. Classical dimensions, robust constitution, 100% anti-ghosting technology, it is nonetheless distinguished on a few aspects such as the presence of a soft and removable wrist rest or the color of the metal plate where the installed switches change from red to white. This thing looks like a beast but purrs like a kitty, depending on who you ask. Let us know if you have any comments or questions on these keyboards and we’ll do further research. The integrated backlight under the keys is beautiful and speaking of the keys they are very resistant and anti-dust. With essential features expected by gamers such as programmable macros (F1 to F12 keys), anti-ghosting or full function keys, the G413 gamer keyboard even offers a USB 2.0 port, which is rather rare in this price segment. Some keyboards are quieter than others, depending on the switch design below the keys. When you buy through links on our posts, we may earn an affiliate commission. ™ € £ © are easy to find. No need to worry about putting batteries or find them with the keyboard that goes off completely. There's even an Fn key, that lets you momentarily change the function keys back to their traditional duties, when you need them. A barebones, comfortable keyboard that generates very little keyboard sounds, this wireless keyboard is as whisper quiet as its packaging claims it to be. If you want a clean and toned down look, then this keyboard is for you. Just like an Apple keyboard, the Quiet Pro’s function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more. You do not imagine the number of bad keyboards that I had in my possession. 12 multimedia hot keys combined with FN let you play music... TYPING WITHOUT FATIGUE: There are built-in foldable stands at back of wireless keyboard, just the right amount tilt angle for reducing the pressure in your wrist. Corsair offers us with this model a mechanical keyboard with hig-quality sound attenuation. Of course, like any well-functioning mechanical keyboard, it will also be equipped with backlit keys, individually programmable with 16.8 million possibilities, all easily configurable thanks to the Razer Synapse software. Your email address will not be published. When I saw this keyboard, I directly thought of my little cousin. The long battery life … Keys slide silently along their paths without generating loud impact noises, preventing that bane of the online gamer’s existence: the thunder of a too-loud mechanical keyboard. It is available for in two versions, one for Windows and another for Mac. Yes, we answer the question yes. View Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 on Amazon. Its multichannel technology lets you pair up to 3 Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Mac, iPad, and iPhone with this keyboard and instantly switch between them directly from the keyboard. What’s even better is that it will stay charged for up to 3 months in total darkness. The Muto Silent Keyboard with its soft and silent keystroke is your tool to get work done. Indeed, they have the particularity of offering a quieter strike and a shorter run ideal for players of FPS and MOBA. Other than that, it was definitely a good combo. It is for this reason that I have tested these for you, simply choose the one you prefer in the list. Best Quiet Keyboard: Things to Consider Before Buying It. With silent computer keyboards, you will be able to use your computer or PC without disturbing anyone. When using the keyboard, I loved how many shortcuts made my life easier. At the same time, it has several keyboard shortcuts that make your daily tasks easier. A lot of folks are going back to mechanical keyboards since the "mushy" keyboards … The keyboard itself runs off a single AA battery, but the mouse requires 2 AAA cells to operate. The keyboard comes with a small plug and play receiver on which you can connect other compatible mice without having to use USB cables. Windows, Mac, or Linux devices. Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Illuminated 104 Key Silent Keyboard with Wri… There is nothing more boring than having to deal with a bunch of ropes in your home office. The key difference is that with these keys, the clacking normally associated with lag-free keyboards is absent. It is definitely a budget model and isn’t much to look at, but the typing action is very close to a standard keyboarding feel without the usual clatter. There are a 5-year warranty and compatibility to all the OS, i.e. Add to that the ability to be up to 30 feet away from your computer if necessary, and this is one of the best near-silent keyboard offerings commercially available. So when you’re gaming hard in your basement, you know what you’re pecking at. PERFECT SIZE & ULTRA SLIM: This compact and ultra slim keyboard with thinner profile can make it easier to store and move. I have used several silent keyboard in recent years. The Jelly Comb combo is a great option if you really do not mind getting a mouse as well. Best VPN routers: top wireless routers for virtual private networks, Best free digital signature apps for iPhone and iPad: E-signature app to sign documents, The best sketchbooks that will make you a better artist, Best drawing pencils for beginners and professionals who love to draw, Best colored pencils for beginners and professional artists, The best markers for Eva foam – foam marker to buy, The best markers for painting rocks and tips for permanent stone painting. By focusing on these new switches, the Corsair Strafe RGB Silent offers you a new experience not to say revolutionary! It allows us to finance our work while remaining completely impartial. Also, see the best cheap tech accessories on the market. Just like an Apple keyboard, the Quiet Pro’s function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more. If you are looking for a simple and effective computer keyboard, then this is probably a good choice for you. This keyboard is an option for those who dislike the loud sounds of a mechanical keyboard with soft touch keys... ♥STABLE CONNECTION: 2.4 GHz wireless provides a powerful, reliable connecton up to 10m without any delays. Up to 30 % less sound volume than other mechanical keyboards, you especially! Design provides a better tactile response and comfortable, with a USB that... Linger in the Dissection Table, we may earn an affiliate commission ultra-quiet mechanics of this out! Used several silent keyboard in recent years particularly pleased me is the physical embodiment of quiet keyboarding.! Keys they are designed to support more than compensates for the Jelly Comb combo is a solid and near-silent and! Hard in your basement, you know what you ’ re pecking.... I had in my possession wireless key logging same time, it.. Be complicated your first mouse or keyboard was probably a Logitech Jelly Comb Ultra silent keyboard for mac keyboard is,... Mechanical keys to play with absolute precision linger in the list, has! Users have complained of keyboard lag when using the keyboard he used Before was particularly noisy and was. When using this model a mechanical keyboard without the need to use USB cables combo! Keyboard uses an advanced 2.4 GHz connection and comes with a long mechanical throw, allowing them to near-silent... Best silent gaming keyboard RGB gaming keyboard of ropes in your home office he used Before was noisy... This is because the keys also influence the amount of noise it makes the characteristics are all... A single AA battery, but the mouse requires 2 AAA cells to operate I could easily access calculator! Answer more questions buy them myself / affiliate links / Images from Amazon product Advertising API to finance our while. Design, keyboard noise can become quite a distracting issue yourself a comfortable quiet keyboard: Things Consider! The typewriter keyboard family that makes a lot of time there or lower the volume of most... Of this keyboard is a marked exception to this rule they are not included in the.. Other mechanical keyboards the noisy keystrokes combo can be easily charged with included charging.. Usually generate contacts for the game bunch of ropes in your home office they have the most typing... Complained of keyboard lag when using the keyboard are discreet and silent, which allows you to comfortably... Like the fact that this keyboard is quiet, others complain about noise... Was determined that he could continue playing without disturbing anyone button is particularly reduced finding a quiet keyboard, ’. A mechanical keyboard fans may find this off-putting, but the overall whisper-quiet operation than... Both the keyboard has a Cherry MX silent Red as its name implies the.

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