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Target's Round 3 of Black Friday Deals is Live, Black Friday 2020: Early Deals You Can Shop NOW, Walmart's Black Friday Deals for Days (Event 2) is LIVE, Amazon's Holiday Dash 2020 Deals Are Here, Best Black Friday Home and Appliance Deals 2020, how to get an Xbox Series X on launch day, Apple MacBook Pro Black Friday Deals 2020, Apple HomePod Mini Black Friday 2020 deals, Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Black Friday 2020 deals, Best Black Friday Computer and Tablet Deals 2020 (Updating), Best Black Friday Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker Deals 2020. Plus, a positive reception overall (one shared by our Xbox Series X review) has built up hype even more. It's enjoyed new life lately because of Xbox Game Pass, but if I'm honest, I'm using that much more on PC than on console. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. [Update: In early September, Microsoft finally announced the Xbox Series X price as $499. Demon's Souls PS5 Early Review Impressions, feature covering everything we know so far, key differences between PS5 and Xbox Series X. Surprisingly, the store wasn't well stocked with PS5s when pre-orders for that console started, so it might be missing some Xbox Series X deals too.View Deal. Microsoft is promising a Nov. 10, 2020 release date for the Xbox Series X. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. What's the difference between Series X and Series S? Visit our corporate site. I was a big Xbox fan through the last few hardware cycles, from the launch of Halo through the earliest days of Xbox Live and into the 360 era, but with the Xbox One, Microsoft all but lost me. The console will also let you play existing games via both the optical disc drive and digital download, not to mention Game Pass. To help you know more about what you're buying, and to help you make the most educated choice possible, here's what you need to know about the Xbox Series X. We're talking seconds instead of minutes, here. That makes it a real contender, and one to consider if you don't think you'll be home for delivery of your next-gen console. I have a formula I use when deciding to purchase a new game console. At full price, it will cost $499. That would ease my mind as I open my wallet. That means there should be another chance to get stock before the day is out. That's a huge deal. Honestly, the company's best bet this fall would be to find lots of ways to make buying a new Series X a major value proposition, by coming in with a low price point, or perhaps a big bundle of free Xbox Game Pass subscription capabilities (backward compatibility is a big selling point for the console and is a step in the right direction). For the best chance of an Xbox Series X pre-order, we'd suggest Microsoft. Indeed, it saves you money in the long run. As I said in our roundup of what we'd pay for a PS5, I come from a PC gaming background, so my perception of acceptable pricing for hardware is slightly skewed toward the more expensive. If you have a 4K TV, games will look better with the Series X. All pre-orders for the Xbox Series X go live on Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 11 a.m. EST in the U.S. Like the PS5, Xbox Series X incorporates NVMe solid-state drive technology for super-fast load times, and in the PC space, NVMe SSDs aren't cheap. As one of the biggest retailers in the country, Best Buy is a good bet for stock when it comes to the Xbox Series X. For Xbox Series X specifically, I think that it'd be easier to stomach a $500 price tag. Xbox Series X Is A Chance To Fix Achievements. Get the best Xbox Series X deals before anyone else! That is essentially the ceiling that's been established in past generations, and I think the negative PR would be too much to deal with if Series X carries a $600 price tag. Xbox Series X | £449.99 Microsoft Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. If I had the chance to buy my Xbox One all over again, I wouldn't. New York, You won’t run out of storage with this beauty because the Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card provides 1TB of additional game storage and replicates the internal SSD experience. It's a shopping mainstay, and that means it's sure to get lots of the console in. If anyone is going to get more consoles ahead of launch, surely it'll be Microsoft.View Deal. My friend group just happened to cluster around the PS4 and PC this past generation. It's also likely to get more in before everyone else, so keep an eye out. How will Series X sales compare to the cheaper Xbox Series S? You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Games are already a significant expense for most people, and Microsoft is coming from behind in a big way, due mostly to its screw-ups the last time it launched hardware. This price and timescale in keeping with the PS5, though keen eyes will spot that the cheaper £249 Series … For starters, the Xbox Series X price and PS5 cost won't break the bank as much as we'd feared. The sting of the Xbox Series X price could well be softened by Microsoft putting so much stock into supporting Xbox Series X backward compatibility. That's in spite of the pandemic, too. Walmart PS5 Release Times: Here's When The PS5 Goes On Sale Tomorrow, Phil Spencer On Xbox And Japan, Halo's Future, Playing Elden Ring, And More, Best Black Friday 2020 Xbox Series X And Xbox One Game Deals, By As a result, we can thank our lucky stars that the Xbox Series X price isn't going to cost upwards of $1,000 / £1,000 like the equivalent PC would. In addition, the lack of a Series S disc drive isn't ideal. Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? While I'd personally be willing to go higher--the FOMO around a new piece of hardware, mainly when we're talking about a new generation of consoles, is real--I can't imagine Microsoft asking for more than $500 for the Xbox Series X. Here are the retailers where pre-order is available: Amazon; Best Buy; Walmart; For other possible bundle inclusions, take a look at our roundup of upcoming Xbox Series X games for a clearer picture. Send me details about other relevant products from third parties. But there's a downside. Xbox Series X bundles will be coming soon. Those who wish to purchase the Series X through Microsoft's Xbox All Access programme can do so for $34.99 per month over 24 months - with no upfront cost. Stock has been well and truly disastrous this morning, with some retailers displaying offers and others saying they've sold out a few seconds later... before then coming back into stock again moments afterward. What's more, it has the option of in-store pickups as well. After over a year of teasers and mini-announcements, the mystery is solved: We finally know that the next-gen Xbox Series X will cost $499.

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