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The programming syntax is similar to that of Visual Basic (not VB.NET).The language uses dynamic inferred structural typing. Much of the work involved in creating a menu system is done in the Menu Designer, where you create the actual menus, submenus, and menu options. If you create a toolbar, you should synchronize menu commands with their corresponding toolbar buttons. The next time you issue the POP MENU command, you'll restore menu A. Cleanup code typically contains code that initially enables or disables menus and menu items. Even a simple DOS Operating system with 16 MB RAM can process Foxpro 2.6 applications. Adding Menus to Your Applications Customize the menu system by adding or changing menu items. But you still need to add code to determine the action associated with the menu item. (in this case, the form) properties in the menu code. The requirements to run the Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider are the same as for Visual FoxPro 9.0. When you type MODIFY MENU name , you first choose between a menu and a shortcut (a context menu). Defining the class programmatically with the DEFINE CLASS command. Microsoft Visual FoxPro database development system is a powerful tool for quickly creating high-performance desktop, rich client, distributed client, client/server, and Web database applications. The following example illustrates designing a completely data-driven menu system. For example, you could have a table with the following structure: CREATE TABLE FILE ;     ENDPROC One of the most common means of having a menu dynamically adjust to the user's current work environment is to disable or enable menu items as appropriate.  DEFINE CLASS mpad AS CUSTOM  IF PARAMETERS()=0 OR TYPE("taMenu")#"C" You can preview a menu system as you design it or you can test and debug it after generating the menu program. If the number exceeds the length of a screen, create submenus for appropriate menu items. In the Init event of the form, call the menu.   CASE BAR()=1  laMenu=""   RETURN .F. If the command calls a procedure in the menu s cleanup code, use the DO command with the following syntax: In this syntax, menuname specifies the location of the procedure. When the toolbar is activated, the font attributes of the two command buttons are set to reflect the Bold and Italic font settings of, Creating Menus, Shortcut Menus, Menu Items, and Submenus.   DEFINE CLASS mBar AS CUSTOM A pull-down menu contains options. ON SELECTION BAR 1 OF popReports REPORT FORM INVOICE.FRX PREVIEW. * example:     Prompt = "" Customize the menu system by adding or changing menu items.  IF FOUND()       THIS.Message = cMessage CREATE TABLE - SQL Command.

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