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Magnification formula for mirrors. Find the position, nature and magnification of the image in each case. This is the currently selected item. Some numerical questions. Q. Ask your question. celestiaSangma4862 celestiaSangma4862 20.11.2019 Physics Generally the convex mirror has magnification greater than 1 and magnification of concave mirror has less than 1. 1. Point B is at distance 2 5 c m from the pole of mirror. Log in. It is a pure ratio and has no units. Mirror and Magnification Equation Notes_7_SNC2DE_09 - 10 Curved Mirror Equation Ray diagrams for mirrors take a considerable time to draw and are prone to errors. Refraction of light. A linear object A B = 5 c m is placed along the optical axis. An object is placed at (1) 10 cm (2) 5 cm in front of a concave mirror of radius of curvature 15 cm. Mirror Formula and Magnification Posted on 21/11/2019 21/11/2019 by myrank Mirror formula gives the relationship between image distance, object distance and the focal length of the mirror and this formula is valid in all situations for all spherical mirrors for all positions of the object. Next lesson. Linear Magnification Produced By Mirrors: The linear magnification produced by a spherical mirror (concave or convex) is defined as the ratio of the height of the image (h′) to the height of the object (h). It is denoted by the letter ‘m’ and is given by Join now. Solved example: Mirror formula. 1. This equation is valid for all the cases of reflection by a spherical mirror (concave or convex) whether the image formed is real or virtual. Linear magnification, also called lateral magnification or transverse magnification, is just the ratio of size of the image of an object created by a lens to the object's true size. Practice: Concave and convex mirrors. Join now. Practice: Nature and size of images from magnification. The size of image of A B is: Practice: Using the magnification formula for mirrors. Answer: The magnification is 1 Explanation: Magnification is defined as ratio to a image height to object height, which can be mathematically proven to be same as ratio of image distance to object distance.. Magnification of a mirror is used in many cases. A convex mirror of focal length 1 0 c m is shown in figure. Find an answer to your question Formulas of - Mirror formula Focal length formula Linear magnification formula Absolute refractive index Lens formula Magnificat… 1. Log in.

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