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The potential is huge. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group. : That was when I was a consultant. What was that like? So, I started it. : Key ingredients. One of the questions that I typically ask is, let’s say you go to sleep tonight, Idriss, and you wake up in five years; so, it’s been a long snooze. You just need to regroup people that are extremely motivated that are willing to go to work with you no matter what it takes. The business has raised so far $100 million from top tier investors including New Enterprise Associates (NEA), NGP Capital, Winklevos Capital, and Mobility Ventures to name a few. But the reality is, this shows how disconnected they are with reality. We’ll make our first investment.”. I think the equation was wrongly stated. What happened seven years ago almost killed us literally. Alejandro: Just like with rents. Description. Idriss Al Rifai: Thanks, Alejandro. So when clients wanted to pay us, I had to give them my own personal bank account. Therefore, we serve eCommerce better. Fetchr’s app captures customers’ GPS location as a delivery address, eliminating the need for a physical address. 1) I didn’t have that money. Even the words of Elon Musk, the guys work 17 hours a day, seven days a week. My business is in careers. I think that’s very important. It was, never invest [28:25]. Actually, it was already spent. It’s very much like a startup where the CEO doesn’t know what the head is doing, and he’s trying to surround himself with a team that knows what they’re doing in their field. We go there, 20 bodyguards, and I talk to like ten people a day. That was one. But for us, it’s about four to five times lower in some of the markets. As crazy as it seems, whether you’re talking about Dubai, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, there is literally no address. Then, I went to the Special Forces for three years. Idriss Al Rifai: Again, the VC ecosystem in Dubai is still in its early stage and compared to when I started the business like seven years ago, there has been a lot of change. Alejandro: I hear you. Fetchr is a start-up. I think that we’re going to learn a lot about startups in the Middle East, and then also there will be quite a few exciting stories, near-death experiences for sure. Idriss Al Rifai: Key ingredients. 3) You’re talking about emerging markets where 80 or 90% of transactions happen on smartphones. There are multiple challenges in the ecommerce space in the region. Alejandro: Half French and half Iraqi. If I had to give advice to myself, I would say, do read some horror stories because this is the most likely scenario. I remember the days when I was just tired of people seeing me as the company and do not even see me as a person. I did a couple of classes. Then I managed through a connection of mine to trust me that I wasn’t doing anything shady. Did my MBA after that and then went to Dubai. : Okay. So, that’s two. Stay up to date on our entrepreneurs, events, research and more. It’s about leading by empowering; this is what I would say, and this influenced my type of leadership with the guards, too, like letting anyone run with it. So, the fact that we got a couple of investors that came in shows it’s a 1:10 ratio. You can always see the good side of it, and often, it’s depicted as such like you need to be passionate, blah, blah, blah. But it’s your willingness to change things, that self-fulfill itself, that makes you grow. I know that on the fundraising, it was a bit shaky for you guys, and I know that, as you were saying, on the seed round, you got the friends and family, so I’m sure the holiday dinners turned a bit to the valuation of the business. Idriss Al Rifai, founder of Fetchr, was born in Iraq to a French mother. Alejandro: Amazing. That’s first. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Like you said, I’m a big basketball fan. I think I would trade 100% early-stage skillsets for passion. They actually increased the maximum amount that they could invest in what they call Risky Investments. On the money side, I put all my money in, family’s money, friend’s money. I knew I needed it to polish a lot of my skills. We'll never share your address. That’s one: lack of address. Let me see what I can do.” Literally, I started this because I was ***** off on the fact that there were no solutions for anyone, and nobody was building one. That’s what we do. I went to the Valley literally in an accelerator program. Fetchr has developed industry specific solutions to tackle the delivery challenges faced in emerging markets that are experiencing a deficient address system. When I’m in something, I’m 100% in it. I think there are a lot of self-fulfilling prophecies that go into building a startup. She worked all her life and didn’t save a lot, so she put 60% of her savings. I always try to carve out some time for this! Fetchr, a Dubai-based delivery logistic company led by Endeavor Entrepreneur Idriss Al Rifai, ranked as number one on …, The Dubai-based company Fetchr, an eCommerce and shipping application co-founded by Endeavor UAE Entrepreneur Idriss Al Rifai and Joy Ajlouny, …, The Dubai-based Fetchr, co-founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Idriss Al Rifai, raised $11 million in a Series A round of …. What were you doing in the Special Forces? What was that like? Al Rifai has developed and optimised a last mile delivery solution specifically for the e-commerce needs and requirements in the Middle East. I went to the Valley literally in an accelerator program. Again, one of the things that are very interesting in the Mid-East, and especially in Dubai, is that you have to pay your rent upfront for the full year. We want to change standards for delivery. This is how things are being delivered. But this is my job. But on the Series A, that’s when you guys finally open it up to sophisticated folks, and I know that you had quite an interesting story there that happened with a VC the last minute. I would have a serious discussion about whether you should start it. How do you really get them to trust you and to build that type of relationship to say, “You know what?

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