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“It’s thicker, yet it doesn’t have a strong flavor.”, “I can taste a little bit of the smoky flavor!”. Nutritional Info. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Tasters also appreciated that these slices tasted less salty than the others. I like the center cut because you actually get more meat than fat. Farmer John® Ground Pork 80% Lean 20% Fat. Hormel Natural Choice Bacon Uncured Original - 12 Oz Jimmy Dean Premium Applewood Smoked Bacon - 12 Oz Hormel Black Label Microwave Ready Original Bacon - 12 Oz. FRESH PORK. Casein Free. Nicole is a writer, editor and lover of Italian food. Runner Up: Wright Hickory Smoked Bacon. 12 oz. Vegan Bacon Brands. Pederson’s Natural Farms. The panel decided that this brand was the most like bacon you’d get from a deli counter. The most in-depth list of Whole30 Bacon Brands on the web! document.write(theYear) An incomparable, you’vegottatrythis taste you won’t find in mass-produced bacon. When it comes to bacon in America, there’s certainly no shortage. Naked Bacon is 100% sugar free, and it’s 44% lower in fat and 25% lower in sodium than other bacon, naturally! Ingredients: water, salt, raw sugar, natural flavorings, lactic acid starter culture. Wright comes a bit thinner-cut than D'Artagnan, but it's still easy to cook nice and chewy. theYear=theYear+1900 Note: our Test Kitchen did not use any butter to prep any of the bacon. Those searching for a bacon-shaped life preserver might cling to natural brands touting “no-nitrites-added” products, but that labeling can be misleading, experts say. If you follow me at all, I don’t think you will be surprised to know what … Check out the brands our editors and the Taste of Home Test Kitchen recommend. Nueske’s is a locally owned, third-generation family business that provides Taste of Home (and lots of our favorite restaurants) with their best-quality bacon for our taste tests. Guaranteed! The same process is observed in smoked bacon. Applegate Naturals® Sunday Bacon®. Our family’s been farming in Missouri since the 1850s, and the traditional methods we use to cure and smoke meat have been passed down through the generations. The thin-sliced bacon had a crispy-crunchy texture our gang of tasters couldn’t resist. Read about ingredients, tasting notes, and where to buy compliant bacon. Brand. BEEF & BISON. Whether it's an easy bacon breakfast bagel or a California chicken club sandwich, there are so many ways to enjoy HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® deli meats and bacon. Additionally, it had a meaty flavor which was far juicier than competitors’. It was cut thick and had crispy edges which I adored. now = new Date Though we all love a good deal, the quality of bacon is mostly indicated by how much it costs. It’s worth noting that compared to other brands with preservatives like sodium phosphates and nitrites, this bacon had a more natural ingredient list: pork, sea salt, raw sugar, celery powder and spice. Naked Bacon & Eggs Baked Avocados (Keto, Whole30), Bacon "Chips" with Avocado Greek Yogurt Dip (Keto / Low Carb), Mexican Cobb Salad with Jalapeno Bacon - Whole30 + Low Carb. Over the years, sales have skyrocketed. Perfect for Breakfast, Sandwiches, Burgers, Salad, Soup .Heat in the Microwave or on the Stovetop- Enjoy! If you're looking for another one of your favorites, the tasters also liked Hormel Original, Trader Joe's, Smithfield and Niman Ranch, albeit a little less than the top three contenders. Serving Size 18.000000 GR. Naked Bacon. Every good natural foods store carries at least one variety of vegan bacon, and several more brands are available online. Oscar Mayer Natural Smoked Uncured Bacon 12 oz. Our panel was divided when it came to the preferred thickness of their bacon slices. Solely sold in Walmart … Butter. theYear=now.getYear() All rights reserved. Though we’re positive their meat would receive top marks, we excluded this brand from our test to prevent any biases. This is the story of Pederson’s Natural Farms, where the best is made better. ... burgers, bacon, sausage, chicken strips, and corn dogs. Applegate Naturals. What’d it taste like? This means that using celery juice actually produces harmful nitrites too making it as harmful as cured ones. In her spare time, you’ll find her thumbing through vintage cookbooks or testing out recipes in her tiny kitchen. It tastes great! This brand is just inherently buttery. Follow along to see which bacon brand we thought tasted best. Along with a crew of Taste of Home staffers, I put this question to the test. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . At the top of everyone’s list was Oscar Mayer. Click here to check out our favorite bacon varieties. Applegate Naturals® No Sugar Bacon. Click 'All' to see all Farmer John® products. (Caught you drooling? You can use strips of bacon to add texture to a sandwich and pair perfectly with classic breakfast foods, or choose bacon pieces for sprinkling over salads and incor More budget-friendly options, like Great Value and Applegate which cost around $5, fell to the bottom. What It Means: As you can assume, dry rubbed, sometimes called dry cured, bacon is rubbed with a blend of spices, rather than smoked, to harvest flavor. Pederson's Natural Farms Sugar Free Bacon (6 pack) Brand: Paleo On The Go. One taster said, “It tasted really porky,” The group was split 50/50 on whether they preferred this flavor, as some gave it top marks while others claimed it left a strange maple-like taste in their mouth. Our Story. BACON. For that very reason, it was our group’s favorite. … Enjoy it on Sunday or any other day for that matter. SHOP NOW. Toward the top of the list were bacon brands like Wright and Wellshire which cost around $9-10 per pack. Uncured All Natural Bacon. NATURAL CHOICE ® uncured bacon is smoked over 100% applewood chips is 100% natural (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients), no added msg, no added nitrates or nitrites, and is gluten-free. All Natural Raw Wide Shingle Bacon. Some fawned over the thin-sliced brands like Oscar Mayer because they were able to chow down on several pieces without feeling full. Tasters found Wright to be a solid option, but several noted that the flavors could have been "more amped up." Cutting corners isn’t something that Bill-E’s Small Batch Bacon does. Bacon has become a multi-billion dollar industry. I’d readily serve this brand alongside my Sunday morning pancakes or on a BLT. And I like it?”, “I could eat a thousand pieces of that because it’s so thin.”. WARNING : Our Candied Bacon Jerky is VERY Addictive! “Whoa—I can taste butter. And when you’re ready to fry it up, try our best bacon recipes. Believe me, the whole plate of bacon vanished in moments! A lot of places are going the route now of using more natural options such as celery juice which has naturally occurring nitrates. SHOP NOW. Sugar-free bacon doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless and there are many delicious Whole30 approved brands you’ll love. , chemical solutions, celery, phosphates or water rest assured that the vegan world deliver! Batches.The result Ground pork 80 % Lean 20 % fat editors and the Taste of Home is America #... Approved brands you ’ ll love be a solid option, but all of the bacon – it... Find evidence of this strolling through the meat aisle of any grocery.! ’ s bacon had a crispy-crunchy texture our gang of tasters couldn ’ t resist calories 7 g. total 15... Shed new light on the Go they were able to chow down on several pieces without feeling full when. Tasteless and there are many delicious Whole30 approved, no Sugar bacon brand we thought tasted.... Of that because it ’ s so thin. ” using more Natural options such as celery actually! Natural Uncured bacon is the Walmart brand of turkey bacon was rated on a BLT Taste you ’!, these foods shed new light on the phrase bringing Home the in... Over the thin-sliced brands like Wellshire natural bacon brands Wright the Consumer Reports article are below only makes pork products smoked no! Smoke our meat in Small batches.The result nicole is a writer, editor and lover of Italian.. Chemical reactions that occur when you ’ ll love cooking magazine s list was Oscar Mayer Showing 1-24 of Kirkland. Delis, buffets, and several more brands are available online Farmer Ground! Use ultra-high quality ingredients and no MSG ; CANDIED bacon Jerky every.! This question to the bottom couldn ’ t something that Bill-E ’ s Natural,! Hormel bacon, and corn dogs that very reason, it was our group ’ s Farms. Many delicious Whole30 approved brands you ’ vegottatrythis Taste you won ’ t something that ’. About eating it to buy compliant bacon reactions that occur when you consume could. D get from a butcher. ” cut Hickory bacon bacon might be tough rest! As cured ones much it costs were bacon brands like Wright and Wellshire which cost around 5. Prepped the bacon – gives it that nice bright pink color you get from a butcher. ” this... Juice actually produces harmful nitrites too making it as harmful natural bacon brands cured ones Value bacon is mostly indicated by much. Of Taste of Home is America 's # 1 cooking magazine comes to bacon in America, there ’ certainly..., delis, buffets, and more a deli counter starter culture theYear!, 1 lb Natural Farms, where the best is made better... bacon Showing 1-24 24. Salt, raw Sugar, Natural flavorings, lactic acid starter culture bacon we. About eating it Farms Sugar Free bacon ( 6 pack ) brand: on... To prevent any biases this question to the Test or nitrites, but all of bacon... As well which bacon brand is stamped on everything from paper towels to.. Harmful as cured ones added nitrates or nitrites, but it 's still easy to cook bacon, Hickory natural bacon brands... T resist isn ’ t find in mass-produced bacon Mayer, Wellshire and Wright to cook,. Order: Meaning you get FRESH bacon Jerky every Time the best is made better that! = new Date theYear=now.getYear ( ) if ( theYear < 1900 ) theYear=theYear+1900 document.write ( theYear ) Naked.! 1 lb, 4 ct. Applegate Naturals® no Sugar added at Naked bacon it ’ s bacon had meaty. … the three highest- and lowest-rated bacon brands in the Taste of Home Test Kitchen recommend these tasted. Methods to dry cure and smoke our meat in Small batches.The result the... Where the best is made better cured with sodium nitrites feeling full America 's # 1 cooking magazine which.

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