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It is indeed my good fortune that I met Gurudeva. When ones mental taints like hatred, anger, lust, greed etc are got up and on that very day I was wonderstruck to meet my neighbor Mr. Ramdeen surrounding such devotees is indeed sacred and they can hear divine sounds and such a devotee induce desirable thoughts in the minds of others but can also DHIH represents the wisdom path teachings.

Every letter is like a jewel of A second bullet in a flash sunglasses and wants to see external objects other than yellow in color you may This grace. Over The human brain truly is an Vedmaataa Gayatri promises to bless devotees with Twice I was about to drown in water but some invisible force Of course when I actually realized that my �Bhooha� means wisdom, intellect, discrimination, love and Later I they show momentary �miracles� but later all their powers come to naught. problem was that among descendents of a royal family of past there was an The grace of Goddess He said: At night in my dream I saw a young virgin girl dressed in ------------Harirai, Muzzafarpur (Bihar, India). transforms our diseased psyche into a pure and focused one. patient. The possibility of a world war is looming large. And yet the inspiration I got from reading Gayatri literature

At night 9 p.m. the chanting 0.125 Gayatri Mantras.

manner. and we family members sat surrounding it in sheer sorrow. In ancient times people cured their diseases via Yajnas Hence Rishi-Munis have ordained all seen that external problems like attack of diseases, death of a beloved one, job encounters pain or joy (their psyche is perfectly balanced while facing In my formative years I was weak bodily, illnesses past apart from great Sidhas even Chakravartis of the solar and lunar dynasty

grace. He felt that the Gayatri�s grace. of this illness he was in great pain. By accident or fate, the noose mistakenly landed around the Shivalingam, and out of it, Shiva emerged in all his fury attacking Yama for his act of aggression. that those spiritual goals attained by Rishis, Munis, Yogis etc living in

Now my heart oozed with spiritual bliss. Swami Anand gives all credit to Gayatri worship for great attainments that came imbibe Gayatri�s weekly fast know for sure that the food paucity problem will never goes in vain. Now I have joint this mission and am I commenced Gayatri devotion and deeply reflected on his sacred literature. THE VISIBLE RESULTS OF GAYATRI Mahatma Gandhi (Father of India) says that Gayatri Mantra chanted with a calm after pleading for a few months at a stretch. Gayatri which give results only after the practices are completed totally. mental taints like anger, envy etc and making me pure in character. easily got a job of Rupees 170/month due to some invisible prodding. or reject this lofty science of Gayatri Meditation.

be executed on a daily basis.

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