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View legality, oracle text, pricing, ratings, and more. What people are saying is that because that particular printing is so similar (edit: not just to that specific forest but to forest cards in general) , it can cause confusion. Edit. IMO this would be overkill, and I'm not even sure it's feasible for a few reasons (banning one printing of a card has never been done, and the card isn't strong enough to warrant a total ban; this kind of behavior can't be done on MTGO, should the card be banned there, too; etc). Terms of Use | Edit. The primary example being Dark Depths, but this is also the primary reason why Boggles tends to play 1 Dryad Arbor. Other people can view your private deck by using this url, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. The card goes against Wizards own policy regarding misleading art regarding misprints AND alters. Enter this guy on Reddit who wrote five thousand words (not an exaggeration) on how to stall the game so that you could win your match 1-0. This site is unaffiliated. Dryad Arbor Modern* shoopmywhoop. Checkout Acquireboard . Though, that's my only evidence for that. The player also had that particular card in the same row as his lands (which included some forests). What makes that card good, if it gets destroyed you lose a land and that would put you behind mana in a turn 4 format, you can’t even use it the turn it comes into play. Press J to jump to the feed. I'll have to find the $10 extra. Land creatures are both lands and creatures. Must add that that part of the rules refers to being on camera. Thing about it is that this printing [looks very much like a forest.] 6/7/2013: Although originally printed with a characteristic-defining ability that defined its color, this card now has a color indicator. However, permanents that are also creatures (e.g. Upvote 0. Can anyone help me? One of these is having lands behind creatures to accurately represent gamestate. Playtest v1. Dryad Arbor is one of the exceptions to the no-tap-lands rule. Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, cosplay, and more. Auto-suggestions. Seems like it can reasonably hang out with lands. Seems like the “reasonably required” amount of time right? I think it's generally worse than a forest; at least forests survive board wipes! I bought my FTV copy when it was $10 and it's beautiful and I'm almost always happy to draw it. Cry me a river. Pauper Dryad Arbor Commander / EDH S i m o n _ W i l l i a m s o n. Edit Live Edit. Which brings us back to that match involving Dryad Arbor and Gabriel Nassif. If you want specific blingy prints of good cards, then be prepared to pay a premium. Dryad Arbor card database entry. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. 280/280 +106 Bonus. Contact | Doesn't seem like we need another banning over this. It's less that he wasn't alert, and more that what his opponent did was pretty specifically done to confuse and misrepresent the board state, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Edit Live Edit. What people are saying is that because that particular printing is so similar (edit: not just to that specific forest but to forest cards in general), it can cause confusion. My only concern is it's twenty dollars, and seems like it could potentially just set me back a turn with land hate especially against something like the Arbor. Help | There was a time in Magic’s past when cheating ran rampant. Playtest v1. It's good because all of your green fetches can be dryad arbors if you want them to be and your gsz for 1 gets a land that's also a creature. I think the biggest issue is the card frame making it look like a land (a problem we DON’T have with Future Sight because the frame is different anyway). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I paid $5 for it. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Things that are “technically legal” but “ethically a dumpster fire.” If you want a good example go look up the Sean Avery rule in the NHL. Active Topics. You know what fans of any competition hate? Feeds | Because of garbage like this and people like Thomas Langlotz who think they’re so bloody clever for putting their Dryad Arbor in the row with their lands and their creatures in the row above. Complaining about the price of this is like complaining and wondering why expeditions are worth more than the original copies. So I put the question to you my good redditors: why is … I'm considering putting dryad Arbor into my tolsimir edh deck, mainly because I love the art from the Vault print, I can tutor it with gsz, and I like the flavor of the card. Yea, the printing I would like for my edh deck is the $20 one from the Vault. By three untapped lands you mean his graveyard or the Slippery Bogle with 2 enchantments on it? I picked up my copies of dryad arbor a few months ago for 7 dollars each. Edit. Help | TCGPlayer 988.04 - 1049.20 . It specifically mentions dryad arbor in the example in that it needs to be separate from lands for this exact scenario. Your Topics. So basically some people are calling for a banning of this particular printing because it can be used in a deceptive manner to misrepresent board states.

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