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“Even if we don't expect our employees to wear a suit to work every day, I see it as a sign of respect when someone wears a suit to an interview,” said Nea May Poole, AIA, LEED AP, COO of Poole & Poole Architecture. If you really want to stand out, you have to do something different. Someone, who, in short, exudes competence and confidence. When it comes to clothing, you should treat a Masters degree interview like a job interview. Morsa Images / Digital Vision. Don’t feel the need to go suited and booted unless it’s stated. We should all thank Levi Strauss, and his “Guide To Casual Business Wear,” for wearing jeans to the office. Interview Attire. Yes, it's about clothes, but think of yourself as a complete package - someone who not only looks professional, but conducts themselves in a professional way. What to wear. On the day of the interview, arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, greet the receptionist warmly, and give copies of your resume to the receptionist and your interviewer. Appearances aren’t everything, though, so research the company thoroughly and look up your interviewer on LinkedIn. What to wear?! Boys could opt for smart trousers and shoes with a shirt and/or smart jumper, and girls could go for a dress or skirt/trouser and blouse combo with pumps or low heels. These blazer and blouse combinations are great business interview outfits that consist of three pieces that are simple, yet extremely versatile. If no dress code is mentioned, assume it’s smart casual. A portfolio and resume. But here’s the thing about university: not many people attend lectures in suits. The importance of presenting yourself properly in a job interview can't be overstated. This means no jeans, trainers, open toe shoes or low cut tops. Avoid jargon, unless your audience are seasoned architects. Here’s the logic behind wearing a suit to a job interview: you want to look professional and capable, and you also want to show how you can fit in with the company, i.e. Everyone that shows up to an architecture interview arrives with the same thing. all the other people knocking about in suits. To impress an interviewer, wear a nice suit, or a dress shirt or blouse with dress pants. There's usually no strict dress code once you're on a postgraduate course, but you should try to make a good first impression by arriving in clean and smart clothes for your interview. If your interview is at an emerging startup, you will have more freedom to choose what you wear, which can be great but also makes it more complicated to decide what is appropriate and what isn’t. You may think talking the lingo makes you appear professional and knowledgeable, but all it does is make you sound like a prat.

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