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is an all natural emollient that promotes softness and manageability as well as restores damaged hair shafts. You can make this jar of cream with shea butter and your favorite oils. It can be difficult to find one that is right for your hair texture and flatters your curl pattern. mimics your hair’s natural oil. One of the most productive and easiest ways to moisturize your hair is by using the. The amino acids in avocado sooth your scalp while the proteins work to rebuild your hair’s follicles naturally. [1] X Research source For something more moisturizing, mix equal parts of conditioner and water. Hello beautiful, welcome to hair buddha. Pour mixture into a small spray bottle. Add 3 tablespoons (45 milliliters) of your usual conditioner. So, use your creativity here! There is no option to follow up the comments. To quicken the cooling you can also place the mixture in the fridge (takes 30 to 40mins). They have been found to reduce dandruff, soothe inflamed scalp, and balance estrogen in the body, which promotes hair growth. It is ideal for use with heatless overnight styles such as braids, twists, or bantu knots. You can also add about 1 ml vitamin E to keep it fresh for longer. I first searched for rice water for skin nd m directed to ur site. Avocado is full of natural proteins that promote healthy hair shafts. Warm prior to application as needed. But you can use different oils if you like. Then add your coconut and avocado mix to the spray bottle. Just combine, shake, and your hair will thank you. Then whip it up using a spoon or a mixer until it is nice and creamy. Mix oils in a small bowl. I just stumbled upon this discussion, and am hoping that you can help me find an alternative to shea butter, because I am allergic to it. Water (distilled water would allow you to keep the formula for a while). Melt the shea butter in the double boiler. Because if you have frizzy hair you don’t want external moisture to enter the hair strands, as that is what causes the frizz. Let stand or refrigerate until firm. Take 2 teaspoons of amla powder and half a cup of coconut milk and add to fenugreek powder. 2. Sandy, the expiry is the expiry of the ingredients, which should be more than a year. It is also recommended for wash-n-go styles. The LOC method is an acronym for the Liquid, Oil, and Cream Method. It is known for its antibacterial qualities and promoting hair growth. 4. The base of this mixtures consists of olive oil and shea butter. Mix avocado and rosemary oil. Try one or rotate all three in your hair care routine. May God be with you. The simplest DIY leave-in conditioner is one that makes use of your favorite store-bought conditioner. The right kind of leave-in conditioner can really affect … It is best to use a water based leave-in conditioner, oil, and a cream. Thank you dear. Stir well to combine. Both shea butter and sunflower oil contain some nice phytosterols which can help calm angry, irritated skin.

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