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The judges of Israel ruled the land for nearly 350 years and during this time period the Israelites made God angry by worshipping foreign deities. Barak still showed reluctance and told Deborah that he would not gather his forces against the Canaanites unless she would march with him. (See 1 Timothy 2:12-15.). He was ready and willing to forgive them and deliver them if they would acknowledge Him and repent. The battle was fought (Judg. This shows that Barak was almost certainly not a career soldier. Perhaps it is an “I hope they will pray so I don’t have to” attitude. Help us continue to create Bible study resources by supporting Study and Obey for as little as $1..fusion-button.button-3{width:auto}Support. Instead He remembered all of His promises to them. It delighted the Israelites that Baal, the Canaanite god of rain, apparently caused the defeat of the very people who worshipped him. Judges 4: 22 Barak confirms Sisera’s death. The name ‘Deborah’ means ‘bee’. Abraham, Barak, Samuel, Jonathan, Solomon, Mordecai/Haman, Elisha, and John the Baptist. Click the PLAY button below to hear how to pronounce Barak . Barak's "faith is commended (Heb. Barak’s reluctance to go to war probably stemmed from the fact that he didn’t have faith in God. A sudden downpour aided the Israelites considerably and helped turn Sisera’s defeat into a rout. Deborah was with Barak when he won this victory. Each clan and family sent their quota of warrior-sons to battle. Boldness – It requires a lot of boldness to do what he did and take on an army that powerful. Barak had a small army of ten thousand men against all those chariots plus infantry support. The judges not only guided Israel they were usually given the responsibility of delivering the people from tyranny when the time had arisen. Instead of punishing us, He forgives us, over and over and over again. Why Did Christ Ride a Donkey on His Triumphant Entry? This deliverance of Israel is commemorated in Judg. This discipline is corrective and not punitive. What kind of person was Barak? How can you lead right now? Your email address will not be published. 1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Judges 4:6 the prophetess Deborah calls for Barak and tells him about obeying God by sending out his soldiers to fight. Place in history: Barak is mentioned in the “honorable mentions” section of the hall of the faithful in Hebrews 11:32. Real believers will always get up when they fall down. This was the Northernmost tribe in Israel and much of bordered on the Sea of Galilee. Sisera, however, managed to escape. During the lifetime of this judge the people generally follow after God, but after he dies the cycle starts anew. Judges 4:6-8 He is found on the Biblical Timeline around 1267 BC. He keeps His Word because He is all-good and because He is all-powerful. Another question is, “why do so many house churches in rural areas of third world countries have female pastors?”. Their cities had massive fortifications – but this was not enough. ‘And the Lord discomfited Sisera, and all his chariots, and all his host, with the edge of the sword before Barak’ (Judges 4:15). Like Gideon, and in a" "sense Samson, he is an illustration of the words in Heb. Judges 4:15 | View whole chapter | See verse in context And the LORD discomfited Sisera, and all his chariots, and all his host, with the edge of the sword before Barak ; so that Sisera lighted down off his chariot, and fled away on his feet.

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