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What is the right metal for your engagement ring? Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500.

We LOVE a good proposal story.

For more examples of diamond alternative engagement rings, check out this guide we put together. This website use cookies to enhance your experience. Reputable jewelers will absolutely let you return your ring for a full refund if it’s not what you were hoping for as long as it isn’t damaged.
8 Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500: Pop the Question and Don’t Break the Bank. Who “they” is, we’re not sure, but we suspect it was some gemologist somewhere who figured it out. Diamond Band Ring, 10K White Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw.Diamond Cross Ring, 10K White Gold 1/10 Ct.Tw.Diamond Promise Ring, 10K White Gold 1/6


We’d also like to take a second to point out that simulated, or lab-created stones will always be much less expensive than naturally-mined stones. Men's Wedding Bands, Discover > Where can you find them? If you’d like  to keep that diamond look, many gorgeous gemstones look pretty darn close to the real thing, like the moissanite in this ring: She might need a welding mask to shield her from the glimmer of this beauty when she opens the box. Right. Not all applicants are approved. You were meant to be, so we know you’ll find the perfect ring for your fiance-to-be. Not available in MN, NJ, VT, WI or WY. Now, sapphires aren’t exactly inexpensive, especially not that one, but you get the point. We do know that when she goes to show it off, her friends will be green with envy! Other than that, go online to sites like Angara, Blue Nile, and James Allen. There are some great up-and-coming independent jewelry makers out there who would love to help you pick (or design) a ring, and they’ll often do it for much less than big-name jewelers. Here’s a visual comparison to give you some perspective: Cushion-cut diamonds can be up to 45% less than a round diamond (the most expensive cut) of the same carat. We challenge you to put a platinum ring next to the same ring in 14K white gold and describe the difference. Engagement Rings starting as low as $495.00, View All Engagement Rings starting as low as $495.00, View All Wedding Sets starting as low as $495.00, Titanium & Stainless Steel Band Collection, View All Wedding Bands starting as low as $149.00, View All Fashion Rings starting as low as $99.00, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Ceramic Bracelet Collection, Chisel Jewelry Collection- Titanium, Stainless Steel and Ceramic, View All Chisel Jewelry Collection- Titanium, Stainless Steel and Ceramic, View All Men’s Watches starting as low as $99.00, Women’s Watches starting as low as $119.00, View All Women’s Watches starting as low as $119.00, 10K White Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw.Diamond Fashion Ring, 10K White Gold 1/10 Ct.Tw. Whether you choose white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, this ring is stunning. If your true love is enamoured with emerald (the May birthstone, by the way), there’s this beauty of a ring.

Bit of trivia for you: did you know a ruby is actually a red sapphire, which is the rarest and most expensive sapphire you can find in nature?

Browse our collection of affordable engagement rings under $500 to make a purchase that fits your budget. Acquiring ownership by leasing costs more than retailer’s cash price. Magento Powered E-Commerce Produced by Inverse Paradox. By Gabrielle Olya February 13, 2018 Start Saving Now Engagement Rings Under $500. Please enter your email below and we will send you a new password. Second, modern brides are really digging diamond …

If you’re looking to cut some costs without sacrificing quality, 14K is an excellent choice.

Please read our disclosure for more info. and "I Claimed Mine" are Registered Trademarks. Remember? © 2019 - All Content Property of Unclaimed Diamonds ® "Unclaimed Diamonds" is a Registered Trademark ® "Have You Claimed Yours?" Though you may feel more comfortable actually holding the ring in your hand before you buy, ordering online is relatively risk-free. It’s so unique, they decided to call it a ruby instead of a red sapphire. But you know what? Plus, if the stone has special significance to her, like a birthstone, for example, it’s more personal. So can emerald-cut diamonds, and Asscher cuts.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you’re lucky enough to be a witness to an impromptu proposal, there’s nothing better than watching the look of shock and joy on her (or his) face when he (or she) pops the question. Diamond Stackable Band, 925 Sterling Silver 1/2 Hopefully, it’ll inspire some ideas. In fact, even the royal family opted to pass a sapphire engagement ring down the lineage rather than a boring old diamond.

© 2010 - 2020 Love and Lavender Weddings Inc. All Rights Reserved. 15 Stunning Engagement Rings Under $500 These beautiful engagement rings won't break the bank. 90-day purchase option includes a markup over invoice price (except for 3-month purchase option in CA).

Diamond Engagement Ring, 10K White Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw.Diamond Butterfly Ring, 14K White Gold 1/10 Ct.Tw. Shopping online for affordable engagement rings can tempt any soon-to-be fiance on a budget to throw up their hands and head to the nearest candy store for a ring pop.

Merchant participating locations only. ... View All Engagement Rings starting as low as $495.00; Wedding Sets starting as low as $495.00. Diamond Stackable Band, 14K White Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw. It is not a loan, credit or financing. Shank Style Shape .

This post may contain affiliate links. This affordable 14K engagement ring features a one carat stone and comes wrapped in gift boxing, making the delivery process extra simple. Etsy, for a start. Hard to believe this one is under $500, but it’s true! First of all, no law says that you have to prove your love with a diamond. Second, modern brides are really digging diamond alternatives for lots of reasons. Kay Outlet is your source for the most beautiful, affordable engagement rings - radiant engagement rings at exceptional values. Instant decision and affordable payments.

Find. Receive a 10% Discount In-Store or Online on Your Order by Joining Our Email List! Sign up for special offers and other perks. Leasing available on select items. Keep your search focussed on these three cuts and you’ll be more likely to find something in your price range. The gorgeous deep blue of this sapphire against that unique shining silver setting will definitely take her breath away. Diamond Flower Ring, 14K White Gold 1/6 Ct.Tw. Rings Under $500; Rings Under $500. Lab-created stones are much more environmentally-friendly, and if you’ve got a socially-conscious lady, they’re often a more ethical choice as well.Here are a couple of simulated diamond rings in economical-but-equally-gorgeous cuts: The emerald cut is so classic and sophisticated, it’s definitely one of our favorites. Find Nearest Store. For a limited time and with any purchase, get this unique pendent, symbolizing universal health and spiritual balance. The funny thing about an emerald cut is it looks very expensive, and yet is one of the least expensive cuts you can get.
Diamond Stackable Band, 14K White Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw.Diamond Little Heart Stackable Band, 10K White Gold 1/6 Ct.Tw.Diamond Three Stone Ring, 14K Rose Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw.Diamond Little Heart Stackable Band, 14K Yellow Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw.Diamond Little Heart Stackable Band, 14K Yellow Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw. We wish you all the luck and all the tearful hugs and kisses when she (or he) says yes! *The advertised service is a rental- or lease-purchase agreement provided by Prog Leasing, LLC, or its affiliates. It conjures up images of the roaring 20’s and the Great Gatsby, and we think it’s absolutely fabulous.

After 90 days, early buyout options vary by state. Discover > You just have to think outside of the box a little and do some research. If your lady has never been the “big rock on her hand” type, this engagement ring is a great choice. If she’s not impressed with this ring, we’re not sure what would impress her. The rich red of this oval lab-created ruby is so striking with it’s little crown of diamonds- we fell in love with it right away.

Platinum is the most expensive setting available, followed by 24K, 18K, and 14 Karat gold. If you’ve got a girl who loves art-deco or vintage styles, the Asscher cut is the way to go. Diamond Stackable Band, 14K Yellow Gold 1/10 Ct.Tw. Smaller carat diamonds often look larger than you think, particularly with the right cut. First of all, no law says that you have to prove your love with a diamond. Rings of this style are often associated with the promise of spending eternity together. TWJC Yellow Gold 14K Solid Engagement… While they’re unarguably more delicious, we say no to ring pops! Diamond Engagement Ring, 925 Sterling 1/2 Now you get to embark on the exciting task of selecting a ring that reflects your … Why Gabriel & Co Ranked as #1 Preferred brand for Jewelers? *Please also check your SPAM folder for any messages. Diamond Hoop Earrings. Diamond Stackable Band, 14K Rose Gold 1/20 Ct.Tw. Everyone knows that the higher the carat, the more expensive the rock, but have you ever wondered exactly what different-sized diamonds actually look like on an average person’s hands?

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